Ride Construction


At International Leisure Consulting, Inc., our team is committed to providing you with only the very best ride assembly or disassembly services you could ask for. To get started, contact us today to arrange a consultation with our team. We are always happy to hear from new clients.


Ride Construction in Edmonds, WAMajor Construction & Technical Support:

      •  2012-13: Installing 500′ Observation Tower at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, TX
      • 2012: Installed amusement park for Landry’s Pleasure Pier, Galveston, TX
      • 2012: Installed Chance 60M Wheel in Seattle, WA
      • 2011: Installed Chance 60M wheel in Myrtle Beach, SC
      •  2011: Installed Chance Century Wheel at Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach, ME
      •  2008: Installed Schwarzkopf Coaster for the San Marcos Fair in Aguascalientes, Mexico
      •  2004: Installed a 200′ observation tower for Landry’s development in Kemah, Texas
      •  2002: Removed rides from MGM Grand Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, NV
      •  1997: Project Managers for The Arrow Corkscrew Project at MGM Dizzee World; Supervising All Aspects of Installation; Commissioned the Roller Coaster; Provided Operator and Maintenance Training in Madras, India
      •  1997: Project Managers for the Setup of Superland Amusement Park; Installed and Commissioned Equipment in Palestine



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